Written and Created by: Christopher Adams

Format: 13 Episodes per Season. Episode running times 55 minutes.   

Release Date: TBC


Ever wondered where your thoughts go when you’ve finished thinking them? Welcome to Fictionality, where every thought you’ve ever had, gave birth to an entire universe.

From inside out Teddy Bear Planets, to Robin Hood; from Purple Stars that make Invisible Elephants with Wings made of Candy, to worlds where Cartoon Physics is a real thing; Far, far away from the safety and order of the small pocket of existence you know as Reality, there is a place, where, if you can think it, it exists!

Fictionality is the story of The Reverend (a 20 billion-year-old humanoid from a technologically advanced future race) and his motley crew of rag-tag companions, as they run through Fictional Worlds, trying desperately to find a way back home. But first, they need to avoid capture and certain execution at the hands of the self-proclaimed guardians of Fictionality, The Fiction Masters, (a race of beings evolved from pure consciousness with the ability to read Fictional Universes just as you would read a book).

Other than pure survival, our heroic (and mostly benevolent) fugitives just want to have fun, but constantly encounter danger and troubled lands wherever they go.  Every week they find a new adversary to overcome, a new world to save and a new mystery to solve; as if they are rats in someone else’s maze… but who’s laying the proverbial breadcrumbs and is it a way home, a trap or something else altogether?

The Reverend’s companions include his best ‘frenemy’ Jon, a renegade Fiction Master, who has a proclivity for the hedonistic; Emily Watt, an empathetic and caring young girl from present day Earth; and a cowboy from the old wild west known only as The Outlaw, who somehow seems to have been dragged along for the ride, but no-one knows quite how or why.

It soon becomes apparent, however, that everyone has far more to their stories than is first revealed. How can The Reverend be so old? Why is Jon on the run? How is it that Emily seems to be able to solve the most complicated of mathematical problems? And why can’t The Outlaw remember his own name?

But most importantly… can the Reverend really get them all home as he promised? Or will their journey meet its end in a fictional world?


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Fictionality; © The Christopher Adams Label Ltd., 2016. All Rights Reserved.