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About The Label

The Label Ltd. is a U.K.-based Mutlimedia Production Company that specialises in Transformational Art.

We define transformational art as 'Art that it’s primary purpose is to directly or indirectly transform and improve the quality of life for another through the work, particularly in areas of self-help, personal development, hypnosis, mediation, NLP, spirituality and psychology. Work created solely for entertainment, enjoyment or aesthetic pleasure are not “Transformational”.'

The Label began life by creating hypnosis and meditation programs 'with a twist' for Christopher Adams Training. As the scope and popularity of products increased, The Label developed a specialised team of artists that quickly became market innovators within the niche. In September 2013 the team launched the best-selling 'Self Love Weight Loss System' and it's encompassing membership platform 'Simply Body Love'. 

Spurred by the success of their initial project, The Label commissioned two further projects from CMS. 'Simply Golf' (release due early 2017) and 'Bedrock Rockstar', (release date TBC), which hearalded The Label's first foray into the traditional mainstream music market.

In July 2014 The Label made the decision to branch out from audio based media production into film and television. In September, of the same year, it commissions its first pilot screen test for the TV series 'Fictionality'

In the last 2 years, The Label has commissioned 2 further movie projects (Run The House, and The Last Day on Earth) both due for release late 2017, as well as a Youtube comedy sketch show 'Johnny & Friends' (release date December 2016).


Latest News:

In the last 12 months The Label have announced the completion of two fictional novels, written by Christopher Adams, 'The Silence Grows Louder' and 'Chrontai' (a novelisation of the stories from 'Fictionality').

In latest news The Labels newest commission 'Mind Minions', a comic book for children and adults, initially created as part of the Self Love Weight Loss System, it is now being expanded into a cartoon story in its own right.

Investment opportunities are available for all our current and future projects. If you are interested in finding out more about investing in any of our projects, please contact us here.


Simply Body Love (Ltd.) is an online members platform for weight loss and body transformation. The site is the brainchild of best-selling hypnotherapist Christopher Adams which aims to help users fall back in love with themselves and transform their bodies through emotional intelligence and personal re-programming. 

Click here to visit www.simplybodylove.com

Artists: Christopher Adams, Max Sweiry, Stavros Orfanos.

The Self Love Weight Loss System

The Self Love Weight Loss System is a Home Study Audio Hypnosis Program which is designed to enable people to lose weight and create a healthy lifestyle by breaking through the mental and emotional barriers that have held them back to date.


The Self Love Weight Loss System is available on Simply Body Love at www.simplybodylove.com/products/gastric-band/

Artists: Christopher Adams, Max Sweiry, Stavros Orfanos.

The 10 Day Body Blaster

This 10-day program is a series of recordings and daily challenges, which cover, improve and enable you to make changes in your unconscious mind and lead you step-by-step to make incredible changes!

Hypnosis tracks work on deep subconscious level, so when in a state of deep relaxation the mind is more susceptible to absorbing messages, resulting in critical change that is needed to succeed in losing weight.

The 10 Day Body Blaster is available on Simply Body Love at



Simply Golf Home Hypnosis System

This program contains a series of hypnosis recordings, which help golfers to master the psychological side of the game. This program includes "In-Play" tracks that can be used on the course during match play to aid listeners to place themselves in peak mental and emotional state to take the next shot.

The Simply Golf Home Hypnosis System is due for release early 2017. 

Artists: Christopher Adams, Max Sweiry, Stavros Orfanos.

Baby Steps: 90 Day Workout Program

The 'Baby Steps: 90 Day Workout Program' is being co-created for Simply Body Love by Weight Loss Expert Christopher Adams and Body Transformation Coach Andy Turner. 

Since most of the recent trend of Home Workout Series has been aimed at those with an at least moderate of fitness, the experience of many of the members at Simply Body Love were that these were far beyond their abilities to even attempt.  

This follow-along Home Workout Video series is aimed at absolute beginners to exercise and is designed to be slowly progressive over the 90 Days of this Level 1 Program.




Ever wondered where your thoughts go when you’ve finished thinking them?

Welcome to Fictionality, where every thought you’ve ever had, gave birth to an entire universe.

From inside out Teddy Bear Planets, to Robin Hood; from Purple Stars that make Invisible Elephants with Wings made of Candy, to worlds where Cartoon Physics is a real thing; Far, far away from the safety and order of the small pocket of existence you know as Reality, there is a place, where, if you can think it, it exists!

Fictionality is the story of The Reverend (a 20 billion-year-old humanoid from a technologically advanced future race) and his motley crew of rag-tag companions, as they run through Fictional Worlds, trying desperately to find a way back home. But first, they need to avoid capture and certain execution at the hands of the self-proclaimed guardians of Fictionality, The Fiction Masters, (a race of beings evolved from pure consciousness with the ability to read Fictional Universes just as you would read a book). Click to read more...

Get Involved:

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Investment Opportunities:

They are currently investment opportunities available for this project. For full details please click below and a member of our team will contact you. 


Written and Created by: Christopher Adams    © 'The Label', 2014

Media: TV Series   Genre: Science Fiction; Adventure; Comedy.      

Format: 13 Episodes per Season. Episode running times 55 minutes.